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Friday, May 29, 2009

Cole's GT trip

May has also brought about several last minute field trips @ school. Cole had an Acc. Math field trip for achieving a # of objectives and an Acc. Reading trip for reading a set # of books for the year. Last but not least his G/T group went to Magic Springs. I went to this field trip. We all had a good time, but half of the rides were closed!! Even part of Crystal Falls was closed, that part was disappointing but overall they all had a good time.

Also, he had his end of the year awards @ school this week. He made the Principal's list again this last nine weeks (Pawpaw kids him and says the Principal's list must be all the kids that get sent to the Principal's office the most! haha) Not really Pawpaw!! It means he made All A's. He also got an award for getting all A's all year. I am so proud of him. Perseverance through adversity...

May Happenings

Here are just a few pics I've captured over the last couple of weeks. Mom's b-day was on the 21st and we celebrated by taking her out to eat. One of the pics is of Hope next to the fish tank at the resturant - looks like the fish is giving her "fishy kisses" or as she would say "shishy tisses." In one she's modeling Pawpaw's hat and in the others she's enjoying her 1st "real" motorcycle ride with Pawpaw. Until that day she would only sit on his bike, not let him start it. For whatever reason, that day he asked her if she wanted to go for a ride and she said yes. She plugged her ears and she was READY. They rode down their driveway and back up - that's far enough for now as far as Mama is concerned...

Kentucky trip

A couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Kentucky for my cousin Becky's wedding reception. She and her husband got married in Cancun in April. So the reception was just a celebration for those friends and family that were unable to make it all the way to Cancun. To Kirksey, Ky (which is where my aunt lives) is about 7.5 hours. Mom, Cole, Hope, Makinleigh and I made the trip. As I have posted before, Hope is NOT a good car traveler - trips to LR can be REALLy bad. So I was really dreading the LONG trip. But our Prayers were answered during the whole weekend. The traveling weather was perfect and so were the Travelers!! Hope never once tried to get out of her carseat. And Cole and Makinleigh were Super!! We made great time and had a great time when we got there. Friday night we made Lots of Fruit Skewers for the reception. Saturday night was the actual reception. It was overall a very quick trip with most of the time spent on the road, but it was nice to see family again and to celebrate the newlyweds again!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I'm just a little behind in posting, but I'll catch up slowly I'm sure. This Mother's Day was special. I was blessed to have Makinleigh with us for the weekend. For those of you that don't know, her mother Deandra was my best friend and she passed away 7 years ago. Makinleigh is sooo special to me and we always have a lot of fun together. Cole and her are like brother and sister. I am her "Aunt Tara" and was so proud to have her with us on Mother's day. Her nana was out of town so she came to stay with us that weekend and the next.

After church we went with My Mama & Daddy to eat at Pearcy and had to wait a LONG time. It was worth the wait though. The food was Great and the kids were good too.

I am also very blessed to be able to see my Mama every day. She is such an inspiration to me and a great Friend too :) I Love you Mama!!