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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day 2009

This Father's Day we went to the lake with Mom and Dad on Sunday evening. It was still hot, but not as hot as it was earlier in the day. Hope took her 1st tube ride and wanted to until we took off... She didn't actually cry, but kept saying Nooooo, stoppppp. It was quite funny. She did so well in the boat - wearing her life jacket, sitting down while the boat was moving, & NOT crying when we jumped in the water. Cole practiced his kneeboarding, but is not willing to try skiing yet - maybe soon though :)
We also went to the lake to visit an old and special friend Tenille and her family who were camping. We had a good visit and need to do it more often!!
The other picture of Hope is after she emptied out her closet and gave it up and took a nap!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance 2009

Last Saturday Night was a "Big" night for Hope. She had her 1st Dance Recital with Shannon's School of Dance. She is their youngest dancer and looked like a "Big" Star that night. Our goal for starting her in dance this year was just to get her used to the classes and dancing. We (her teachers & I) were not even sure if she'd do anything on stage. Lessons started last year and they began with "fun" dances to the Wiggles music (etc.). After the 1st of the year, they began teaching her the "Recital dances." She had 2 solos and was told she could join the other groups for 2 lil' group dances. She picked up the dances very quickly, but we still weren't sure if she'd do them on stage, at a different place, and by herself! Her costumes were soooo cute. But the 1st time we tried on the bikini we scratched her with the sequins & she wanted it OFF... I thought we'd never get her in it again. It took a lot of coaxing and practice but she ended up not wanting to take it off.

Week to week in dance practice, her performance all depended on her Mood, which I guess is normal for a 2 year old. Again, we had no idea what she might do on stage - if she would even get up there. I think her teachers were truely afraid she'd run and jump off the stage (Lots of energy). However, she had different plans.

Friday night was rehearsal and she did Great - didn't even want me on the stage. That was a good sign... Saturday we had an easy day and I made sure she took a nap (had to drive around). She even had to nap in her curlers... She loved putting on the makeup. Then in the dressing room she loved all of the other girls being there and getting ready too. I think she could feel the excitement! I was so nervous and I wasn't even doing anything.
She ended up doing her "ballet" first to the "Fishy Song." She went right out on stage all by her lonesome :) She "ate up" the clapping and yelling. She didn't really want to change clothes and was so ready to go back on stage! My aunt said I was def. given the wrong baby @ the hospital :) We were all amazed at how much she enjoyed it all.
Next was the Pirate group dance. There were 2 lil' girls group Pirate dances and actually I sent Hope out on the wrong one!! But she knew that dance too - thank goodness.
Her next dance was to a "Splish/Splash" and "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" mix. She wore her "itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot Bikini" and was a HIT! She was hilarious... She started out in the wash tub and jumped up when the music started then started shaking her booty!! She even climbed out of the tub by herself and performed her dance - even ad-libbing a lil' along the way. I could not quit laughing.
She finished up with another group number, got her toe stepped on by a tap shoe - but kept going!
We were so proud of her. She was the lil' Star I already knew she was! Cole was even shocked at how well she did :) I think he was just a little proud of his little sis...