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Friday, July 31, 2009

More Lake pics

I love this! Mom actually took this pic. Usually she cuts people's heads off - but this time she caught All the action!! I feel like I do this all the time. I guess that's one of the joys of having a 10 yr old :)

After VBS last weekend, we took Makinleigh out to the lake for some fun on the boat! We had a great time tubing. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking the boat out for us. I did lose one of my fav. pairs of sunglasses. I insisted on wearing them while I was skiing, because I never fall - so I "never" lose them while I'm skiing! Well this time I DID fall- No not just fall - but Busted my hinny!! Face first into the water - bye bye glasses! Oh well, now I need to get a new pair of black shades :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Motorcycle Trip

Today (Sat. July 11) Cole and Pawpaw left on a motorcycle trip. They are heading for the Grand Canyon. Planning to be home by July 19. Dad is planning to get up early and ride till early afternoon each day till they get there. They will probably make several stops because Cole's booty is gonna get pretty sore :) Their goal for tonight is to stop in Oklahoma City. It will be an amazing trip. Cole has taken my old camera and hopefully will take lots of pics. I am going to miss them both very much. And have been saying many prayers for their safety!

One of the pics I took before they left was Hope and Cole hugging. She's gonna miss her Bubba and Pawpaw too! Pawpaw said "Bye Sugar." So she had to repeat that over and over to Cole and Pawpaw before they left :)

SummerTime 09

These are some pics from June @ the water park in Arkadelphia. Love it there. Stuff for Cole and Hope to do. Plus u can still see everything/everyone from one chair/spot. Happy Summer!