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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine Parties

The kids did have Valentine Parties at school. Hope's was in the morning and Cole's in the afternoon - so I was able to make it to both. They both had a great time and got waaaayy too much candy. I know Cole doesn't look thrilled in his pic but he was sooooo happy his Mama came to his party :) (not being sarcastic at all - he was happy to be leaving early though)

Must be Feelin' Better?

I suppose Hope must be feeling better. She stayed with Mom and Dad Wednesday and when I went to visit @ lunch she did a little showing out :) She has been very hesitant about riding Cole's FP Harley Davidson motorcycle. Up to this point, she'd only sit on it and push the buttons to make noise. But yesterday she rode around on it!! In a circle I might add - she hasn't quite figured out how to steer it yet. She even got brave and stood UP while driving - I think Pawpaw is going to have to give her a lesson in Motorcycle riding :) She also wanted to get up on the hill and ride down like Bubba does on his bike!! I think she's going from one extreme to the other! She is def. feeling better. I know it looks bad - she's just in her diaper, outside in February, but it was so nice out and her clothes were being washed (she'd had an accident). Notice though, she does have her Bow in!! I think she just may be Pawpaw's little Biker Baby!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out of commission...

It seems like I've been out of this world for a While! Hope came down with the Stomach virus last Friday evening and I was at home till Tuesday with her. Cole got sick Monday night, luckily his was much shorter that hers. He went back to school Wednesday. Evidentally there is A Lot of stuff going around school, because half of his B-ball team was sick and missed their game last Saturday, which made it "a little" stressful for their coach! I will be so glad when it's Spring - we can open the windows, get outside, and let the germs OUT!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Congrats Courtney!!

Just wanted to share that my Bff Courtney had a beautiful baby boy yesterday, Boston Gavin. I am so happy for her and Kyle, they have soooo much to look forward to.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Missy Prissy

Here are a few more pics of Hope. She is modeling some of her "dress-up" stuff that her Daddy got her for her Birthday. **Notice the Earrings - I figured those would stay on a Minute or less, but she kept them on for a long time. In one of the pics she was having a hard time keeping her "Heels" on. The others are from Cole's bball game @ Kirby Saturday. She loves getting in that Cheerleader suit!! This time it was warm enough so she didn't have to wear tights - which I love cause I got to see her little chubby legs (so cute).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Hope!

Morning of Bday

Little Miss Hope had a wonderful Birthday. Since her bday was Friday, we had a little party @ school for her class. Then the main celebration was on Saturday @ "The Hop" in Glenwood (it's a burger/ice cream diner) for cake and ice cream. It was a full day, Cole had a bball game in Murfreesboro that morning. Luckily she napped on the way home from the game. She had lots of fun at the party and I was surprised how well it all went. I was afraid we may have a couple "2 year old meltdowns" about something. But we didn't and she didn't even mind help when opening her presents!! And she was fairly neat while eating her cake - she didn't eat much - just icing. Her party theme was "The Wonder Pets." She received lots of gifts - if we had let her she would've opened each box to get a closer look, but we kept pushing her along :)
She had her 2 yr. check-up Thursday. She weighs 26.2 lbs and is 34.5 inches tall. This puts her in the 75% for her age. Which is up from her last check-up, last time she was in 50%. She is wearing Size 5 diapers and getting interested in the potty - sometimes! She wears 24mo/2T in clothes and size 6 in shoes. She is saying a lot more words. NO is her favorite right now, but she has many in her vocabulary. The funniest is to watch her try to say "Open" - she tries to copy my mouth and her Oooo is sooo cute.
It is amazing how "girly" she is... purses, babies, jewelry, dressup, dancing... but on the other hand she is a "tough girl" too. She doesn't mind getting dirty and rarely cries when she falls. She's is a good eater. Likes cheese, apples (she calls them "bapples" along with grapes), bananas and grapes and honeybuns and goldfish(aka..shishes) a lot. She still will not drink milk - so we push the cheese and yogurt. She is branching out from just water though - drinking some juice/punch @ school. At home, she'll drink V8 splash and loves it. She gets up around 7:00 in the morning and lays down about 8:00 every night and sleeps all night. Her baby bed is so full of babies, glow-worm, curious george, glow-bear and blankies - I don't know how she has any room but she INsists they ALL stay in there! She def. knows what she wants... may have something to do with being 2!!!!