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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here comes Hope...

The 1st pic is from my Due Date-Jan. 26 and the 2nd pic is from night before she was born Jan. 29

I just wanted to reminisce a little about the joy and "Hope" that came into our lives 2 years ago. I was actually due January 26, but she 4 days late. Much easier delivery than Cole's. She came into the world Tuesday, January 30 2007 @ 10:35am. She weighed 9lbs. & 19 3/4 inches long.

These pics show how Large I was, oh well - she was worth it. The one with Cole standing by the warmer is soooo sweet - just a few minutes old & he's already adoring her :) Actually she was crying a little when he came into the room after she was born and started talking to her and she turned her head toward him and hushed!! He was very good about talking to my belly :) She already loved her Bubbba...

These 2 years have FLOWN by, she has been such a good baby. She is definitely coming into "her own" lately - very independent Personality. I had to laugh when i saw the pic of me & her "Pooped Out" - looking back - it was soooo exhausting...
Hope's Bday party is Saturday afternoon - so I'll have lots of pics to post from tomorrow and Sat. We're also having a little party @ school tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Silly "Almost" 2 yr old

Tonight after Hope's bath she made me crack up again. Her head must have been cold because she created a new hat for herself... using her diaper. It reminds me of George Washington hair/wig! She left it on for quite a while, while she played with her lotion. I can't believe she'll be 2 Years Old this Friday!! Acutally today (the 26th) was my due date, when that date passed I was scheduled to be induced on the 30th. I actually went into labor by myself on the 30th and didn't have to be induced. Not looking forward to the "terrible twos" but looking foward to Loving Every Moment of it - they grow 2 fast!!

More BBall Game pics

Here are a few Pictures from Cole's basketball game last Saturday. Centerpoint played Kirby and Cole's team won their game. They played very well. Cole actually shot a couple times (didn't make them), but that he actually shot the ball and dribbled was Great! Anyone who knows me and my basketball skills knows that shooting the ball was not my favorite thing to do. It wasn't that I couldn't shoot it - but that I was afraid I'd miss (that "perfection-thing" I guess). I'm afraid that I have passed that along to my son. It's amazing how much he reminds me of myself out on the court! I hear my mother coming out in me during his games!!! "SHOOT THE BALL!!" "Get YOUR hands UP!" I have finally realized my yelling is not helping a lot - PLUS I AM videoing these games. When we go back to watch these, I really don't want to hear my loud mouth yelling!! Anyway He's having fun and learning a lot. GO KNIGHTS!!Beau & Hope are classmates @ the Christian School. It's so funny when they see each other outside of school - they're so confused about it for a minute or two. Hope wanted to go sit by Beau @ Cole's ballgame even though she didn't know the people he was sitting with :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Smart Boy

I have failed to mention what a smart young man I have! He received his report card for the 2nd 9 weeks and made All A's Again. I am so proud of him. He has made all A's on every report card so far... He worked hard this last 9 weeks - at midterm he had a low B in one class because of a bad test, but he worked hard and brought it up to an A. He's trying to talk me into paying him for his grades (some friends get paid for theirs'). I'm not convinced yet. I did end up buying him another Wii remote, but I'm not sure that it counts :) Congratulations Cole, I'm proud of you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Call me Sleppy Pippy

After church today I played with Hope's hair a little bit and managed to get 2 Little Braids. Her hair has gotten a lot longer. I've been able to put it in Pigtails for a while, but decided to try to braid them today and we were successfull - Even if they stuck straight out!! She looks like Pippy Longstocking (i think that's her name :) I was very surprised that she left them alone.

After that I went about my usual chores and she wandered into Cole's room which she does often. She was looking at some of his books. She loves to be in his room (i think because she knows it Bugs him) and usually pulls lots of books off his shelves to look at. As I was going between bathrooms cleaning, I noticed she had laid her head down - I thought she was just resting for a minute. But when she staying that way after a couple of trips I realized she had fallen asleep like that. I figured it would be a short little nap, but it lasted for 2 HOURS!! The only move she made was straightening out her legs :) She needed a nap & I needed her to take that nap! Needless to say, Cole was "locked" out of his room for a couple of hours.

Busy Saturday

Cole #55

Last Saturday was a busy one. We started the day with a basketball game @ Caddo Hills. Cole is playing on one of Centerpoint's 4th grade boys' teams. They played very well and won. We will have a ball game every Sat. (and some during the week) from now till March. After the ball game we headed to Greenbrier for Bella Boo's 1st Birthday party. We had a great time seeing everyone. Hope was a "bit" stingy with Bella's toys not to mention she had to help open Every gift! I really hope she outgrows some of that :) We also got to meet Miss Georgia - such a beauty... Thanks Amanda for inviting us and being so patient with Hope!!

Amanda, Bella, Hope, & Georgia

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Padgett Family Christmas

Last Saturday we (Padgett family) met in Rison for our "family" Christmas. This is one of the many times we get together during the year. For as long as I can remember this has been a tradition. My dad is one of five children, so it's no small get-together and I love it - always have. It's a time that always brings back so many great memories. From my cousin & I rolling our Maw-maw's & aunt's hair (don't really remember that - but Love the pics showing it) to now getting to watch my kids play with my cousins' kids and know that the tradition is continuing.

I get choked-up thinking about this, but I remember sitting with my Mawmaw(several years ago) after a funeral or something we were all together for (not a holiday) and we were just watching everyone talk and be loud... and she put her sweet hand on my leg and said "You make sure this continues after I'm gone." It was one of those "moments" I knew she was serious and what she meant. At that moment we were witnessing something that she "treasured" and she did not want that to end & neither do I. I assured her that it would continue and it was just as important to us as it was to her. Being together as a family was so important to her and I know she would be proud that are keeping that tradition alive. It is definitely different without her there, but her loving spirit lives through her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren (whom she would love to rock and rock). Even though everyone is busy, we still managed to find a time to get together (after lots of discussion on a date :) My uncle Phil and his family weren't able to be there this year, because of his deployment to Afghanistan.

It's strange but this is not how I had planned for this post to be, but I guess that's what was in my heart...

Madelyn carrying Hope's present, Hope carrying Madelyn's cats :)

My Cole and My Mawmaw