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Saturday, October 17, 2009

30th Birthday!

Well on September 1 I entered my "30's" and I must be honest - I did have some difficulty and issues with the "number." Partly because my "20's" were gone, but also because if you had told me at age 18 that I'd be where I am at 30 - I wouldn't have believed it. I guess hind-sight is 20/20. I have definitely learned a lot in my 30 years, but probably more so in the last couple of years. Anyway I'm over the "30" shock now and have "accepted" it :) Here are some pics from my B-day party at the store. Loved my Cherry Cheesecake! Hope & Cole started my day by singing "Happy Birthday to Mama!" Hope loved helping me blow out the candles, too.
The pics are from 2 different concerts that Cole & I went to. One was at Magic Springs for Mercy Me and the other from Glory Revealed in Benton. Both were great, but Glory Revealed was such a neat experience. There were singers there from several groups: Mac Powell (Third Day), Aaron Shust, Mark Hall (Casting Crowns) & more. But all the songs were scripture and it was such a laid back aptmosphere. Loved being with my little man and worshiping God with him!!